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Maintenance and heat transfer process of condenser​

The published date:2015-07-14

Chiller condenser of four parts to explain in detail: any match the condenser of a cold water machine, use a long time, the performance will gradually decline, the result will make the system of condensing pressure is higher than the normal operation of the condensing pressure. In order not to make the nature of the condenser, need regular maintenance of the condenser.

Enclosure chiller condenser are mainly used in the air-cooled condenser and water cooled condenser. According to the type of condenser cleaning, cleaning scale way is different also, it is on the commonly used two kinds of condenser maintenance:

1, air-cooled condenser is air as cooling medium, as is often the air dust, part of the dust will be felt in the condenser fin on the surface, after a long time, can make the condenser cooling effect, especially the local environment is bad, so should be cleaned on a regular basis. Dust cleaning method is: simple, can use the compressor air blowing clean, such as if dirt is more, non-corrosive effect should be adopted cleaner radiator pipe and fin, achieve the goal of improving heat dissipation effect.

2, for water cooled condenser, mainly remove scale problems. Remove cycle according to water quality, water quality is poor cleaning once a year at least; Good water quality, can be 2 ~ 3 years.

Small water cooled chillers with casing type water-cooling condenser, acid can be used. Specific operation method is: condenser, release water, added 10% of dilute sulphuric acid solution to the inside shanhaiguan pass, again until the outlet has a solution out of position. Dilute sulphuric acid to stay in the condenser can be released after 20 ~ 30 min, so two or three times, finally set up the cooling water pipe and the connecting pipe of condenser, open the valve of cooling water rinse 10 ~ 20 min, antiscale and cleaning work come to an end.

Water chiller condenser heat transfer process of four parts to explain in detail: we often say to the water chiller refrigeration and heat exchanger, is mainly refers to the condenser and evaporator, they are two of the four big refrigeration major pieces, directly affect the system the ability and efficiency of heat absorption and heat release. Condenser and evaporator involves phase change heat transfer, this is a great characteristic of the two cooling heat exchanger. In addition, some in the refrigeration system and intercooler, supercooler, etc., the principle is similar to the general heat exchanger.

For water chillers are used in cooling towers, it is indispensable to large centralized refrigeration system water cooling equipment, although not a refrigeration and heat exchanger, but really involved in the heat, we will it is also summarized in this.

So, what is a heat transfer process? In the water chiller refrigeration system, into the high temperature and high pressure refrigerant vapor condenser, by air or water in the surrounding environment condense into liquid; Enter the evaporator of the cryogenic liquid refrigerant from the surrounding air or cold agent in the absorption of heat load and gasification, so that the temperature drop of one area, achieve the goal of refrigeration. Refrigerants with the surrounding fluid through the process of transfer heat tube wall heat transfer process.

According to the form of a solid wall, the heat transfer process in the commonly used refrigeration equipment mainly has three kinds, namely, the heat transfer through plane wall in process, through the pipe of the heat transfer process and the heat transfer process through le wall.

1, the wall heat transfer: when the heat transfer surface for a tablet, or can approximate to a flat wall, heat from one side of the high temperature liquid through the wall to the other side of the cryogenic fluid, the heat transfer through plane wall was created.

2, circular tube heat transfer: in the condenser and evaporator of refrigeration system, heavy use of copper and steel of the pipe, so through the pipe of heat transfer is very common.

3, le wall: the heat transfer can be seen by the heat transfer equation, heat transfer per unit time increases with the increase of heat transfer coefficient and not only, but also increases along with the heat transfer surface. When the heat transfer coefficient up to a certain degree and difficult to improve, through increasing the denomination method increases the heat transfer, heat transfer is usually in the le or finned heat exchanger wall processing.

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